Simple Word Counter Tool Online Free

 Are you looking to use a simple word counter that will support you in writing limited number of words for your clients that are paying on the words count basis?  Here is the best word counter tool online that will help you in writing an article with the specified length of the word as you want.
The mechanism of using character count online is extremely easy. It will work like he popular software Microsoft word that shows true-time words count in the left bottom side of the dashboard. With the usage of character count in words, you will easily find the number of written words.

What is the usage of online word counter?

Article writing is the most popular profession and passion of many students, bloggers, teachers, and paid article writers. Most of the time they all need an easy tool that will show them, how many numbers to paragraphs or words are written in word count format.
This tool is extremely helpful for article writers and bloggers which type the text for others. Most of the bloggers use this tool on a search engine optimization basis to use it for character counting how many long articles you have. As the rule for the article writer is that the article must be more than 300 words and how many Meta title, body text, and Meta description should be.
In another usage, this tool is best for students and teachers where they use it for making assignments jobs to fulfill according to the defined parameter and word count. This free application may also be helpful in finding how many words in your article with a counting radio.
This free word finder and counter tool will easily count number of words in your full article. The online word calculator will provide you complete results of the word counting process in an extremely fast way. So try it.

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