What is Word Counter?

 A word counter is a tool that helps you count the number of characters and words in a document. The internet tool also works as a sentence counter and calculates the number of phrases, sentences, and paragraphs in a copy as well. It also works as a character counter tool provides you the full number of character, including symbols, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. So doing it helps you stay within the character restriction of your content. Character count is different from letter count, and one of its most vital use cases is for SEO objectives. No issue if you are a social media manager or digital marketer, it comes in handy when you are writing a page title, or Meta explanation, or any social media post.

Online Word Counter vs. Word processor

The work of online word counter tools is similar to that of a world processor. Anyway, word processors are remarkable for writing your articles but do not give sufficient measures to optimize your writing. Word counter has a word frequency counter that helps you calculate your articles primary keywords and how to use them excellent. It also has a sentence counter that lets you know whether your piece has the right number of sentences for its length.
For example, if a one-thousand word article does not have many sentences, the reading can be extremely hard and challenging for the audience to understand.

Word count in officiate suite and word

The word count offered by office suite and word counts the number of words in your document. It also counts paragraphs, pages, characters, and lines. This essay word counter offered by word checks the document fully and provides you the number of characters with and without spaces as well. You can check the words number in your essay on the status bar of your document.

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