Why use word counter

 Word counter is an online tool that calculates the full number of characters and words in your text. It does that in true-time to help you count words and stay within the needed limit.
Content publishing sites and social platforms set a certain restriction on your post or comment in terms of the numbers of characters. These internet platforms mechanically cut the extra text, which distributes the context. An online word counter is a best solution to this problem.
It helps the blogger, writers, students, educationists, and general users to meet their special word count needs.

Who can use the word counter?

Every person can use this free word counter, mainly people who need to stay within a specific text limit.
SEO experts and digital marketers use world online counter to write post titles, blog posts, descriptions, and other write-ups within the word limits and character.
Students can count their essays and assignments online and make them grammatically best.
https://www.wordcounter.onl is the best word counter for writers to stay within their limits of words and help them make their content free of grammatical issues.

Advantages of using an online word counter tool

Word count has become an essential part of online writing. Many popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google favor quality over quantity. It is challenging to share a story or describe something when character/word limits bind you.
For example, Facebook permits 2000 characters. Twitter posts need to be less than 280 characters, and Instagram has a set restriction of 2200 characters.
If you begin writing in the field of word count checker or copy/paste any document, you can begin modifying while keep your word count in check.
One word counter can also be used to replace size, text style, and solve your texts grammatical errors.

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